Data Surgery sessions

Discussion groups/tutorials aimed at helping HDR students solve Earth science problems with data science tools. The group meets every two weeks, and aims to encourage the open discussion of the theory and practice of data processing and analysis. No question is too small!


David Heslop, Oscar Branson


Data Surgery sessions are at 11:30 am on Mondays. After each session, a summary Jupyter Notebook will be put on the DataSurgeries GitHub page for reference (also linked in the table below).

If you have an idea for a Data Surgery, or anything data-related that you want to discuss, please Contact us!

Date Who What Where
07/05/2018 Oscar & Charles Tutorial: Publication-quality plots with matplotlib. Hales Room, J7
09/04/2018 Oscar & Charles Tutorial: Data Import/Export in Python Hales Room, J7
19/03/2018 Oscar & Charles Tutorial: Python Basics Hales Room, J7
05/03/2018 Jo Stephenson Are my data good enough?! Thinking about what you can detect in noisy data. Hales Room, J7
19/02/2018 Bethany Ellis Spectral / Frequency Analysis, Wavelet analysis Hales Room, J7
06/02/2018 Pat Carr Monte Carlo for Uncertainty Estimation Hales Room, J7
20/11/2017 Chris Renggli Multi-Dimensional Clustering, Image Analysis Hales Room, J7
06/11/2017 Cameron O'Neill Data aggregation, interpolation/gridding and weighted averages. (No Notebook) Hales Room, J7
23/10/2017 Jessica Amies Uncertainties in models, sensitivity analysis. Seminar Room, J1
09/10/2017 Katie Harazin Matching complex profiles ("wiggle matching"). Hales Room, J7
26/09/2017 David Heslop, Oscar Branson Introduction. Ringwood Room, J4

If you have an idea for a future surgery, please get in touch!