Data Science Research Forums

The Data Science Research Forums welcome seminars, tutorials, and sharing about research in data science in relationship with Earth sciences. The aim of this initiative is to foster and to allow easy inter-disciplinary exchanges of ideas that can lead to improving existing approaches and developping new tools for use in Earth sciences problems.

The group meets forthnightly.


Andrew Valentine, Charles Le Losq


Forums are at 11:30 am on Mondays on the ANU Campus
(please pay attention at the schedule for any exception/change)

Date Who What Where
18/09/2017 Charles Le Losq (RSES-ANU) Machine Learning Noob and Mid Ocean Ridge Basalts: Fight! Hales Room, J7
16/10/2017 Andrew Valentine (RSES-ANU) What is this 'machine learning' thing, anyway? Jaeger seminar room, J1
30/10/2017 Malcolm Sambridge (RSES-ANU) Fitting lines and curves to data… Its like running with scissors. Jaeger seminar room, J1
13/11/2017 Charles Le Losq (RSES-ANU) Why Raman Spectra are like Dogs or Cats? Jaeger seminar room, J1
27/11/2017 David Heslop (RSES-ANU) Smoothing surfaces Jaeger seminar room, J1
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